These Factors Influence Your Roofing Estimate

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Do you need roofing services for your residential or commercial space? Whether you need roof maintenance, repair, or replacement services, you’re likely thinking about the cost associated with your roofing job. Like with any kind of service, it helps to know what factors will influence your roofing estimate before you go through with the job.

These Factors Influence Your Roofing Estimate

Here are some of the biggest influences behind your roofing estimate:

  • Type of service. Different kinds of services require different time commitments, labor, and equipment, so you’ll likely pay very different amounts for a small repair service and a total roof replacement to cover these associated casts.
  • Materials used. Depending on what roofing material you need for your job, you’ll have different costs. Shingles and metal are both popular choices when it comes to roofing materials, but they have different prices to manufacture and install, so you’ll likely pay less for a job that uses asphalt shingles than a job that uses metal roofing.
  • Surface area covered. Roofing jobs that cover a wider surface area require more time and materials to cover, so you’ll likely pay more for these jobs than smaller ones.
  • Extra features. Does your roof have a skylight? Fixing these and other features on your roof, particularly the sealing around these features, requires additional fees to properly take care of them, which will affect your roofing estimate.

If you need roofing services, contact us at OD Jones Roofing. We’re happy to walk you through the different factors influencing your unique roofing estimate, so call us today.