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Let's face it: Replacing your roofing system isn't cheap. When you pick a new roof, you need to choose one that will stand up against the elements and last for years. If you want a long-lasting and low-maintenance roofing system, reach out to OD Jones Roofing. We offer metal roof installation services to clients in the Tampa, FL area.

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metal roof installation tampa fl

3 things to know about metal roofing systems

Deciding on a roofing system isn't always easy. The type of roof you choose could be the difference between enjoying low repair costs or dealing with a slew of costly problems. Here are three things you should know about metal roofing systems:

1. With proper care, metal roofing systems can last for over 70 years
2. Metal roofs are flexible and durable, which will save you money on repairs
3. You can recycle metal roofing materials, which makes this roofing option eco-friendly

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